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                SiP Technologies Enable Smart Living

                JCET offers comprehensive SiP solutions


                Turnkey IC Manufacturing Solutions

                JCET provides one-stop IC back-end manufacturing services


                JCET Attends SEMICON China 2021

                Showcasing advanced packaging in different applications


                Founded in 1972, JCET Group is the world's leading integrated circuit manufacturing and technology services provider. JCET is a global company that serves the world through our rich technology patent portfolio, our six-site manufacturing powerhouse, and our dedicated teams around the globe.


                Turnkey Services


                JCET delivers world-class services to its customers. The greatest value from doing business with JCET is realized when engaging JCET as a full turnkey solutions provider – including IC design and characterization, wafer bumping, packaging, test, and shipment to end customers.