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                Board of Directors
                Board of Directors
                • Zhou Zixue Chairman of Board

                  Dr. Zhou Zixue joined the company on 17th May 2019 as the Chairman of Board. He also serves as the Chairman and an Executive Director of the Board for SMIC, the major shareholder of the company. He received a Master of Management degree from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and a Doctor of Economics degree from the Central China Normal University. Dr. Zhou has more than 30 years of experience in the economic operation, regulation and management of industry and information technology. Prior to his current employment, Dr. Zhou severed as the Chief Economist and the Director of Finance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Dr. Zhou is currently the Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Information Technology Industry Federation and the Chairman of the China Semiconductor Industry Association.

                • Gao YonggangDirector of Board

                  Dr. Gao Yonggang joined the company as a Board of Director on July 20, 2017. He also serves as an Executive Director, the Joint Company Secretary, Strategic Planning Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for SMIC, the major shareholder of the company. Dr. Gao graduated from Nankai University with a Ph.D. in management. Dr. Gao has more than 30 years of experience in the area of financial management and has worked as Chief Financial Officer or the person in charge of finance in various industries, including commercial, industrial, and municipal utilities, and in various types of organizations, including state-owned enterprises, private companies, joint ventures, and government agencies. He has extensive experience in the field of financial investment, and has been involved in a number of key research projects and publications in this area. Dr. Gao is a standing committee member of Accounting Society of China, standing director of Enterprise Financial Management Association of China, a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. also a founding member and director of The Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director Association.

                • Zhang ChunshengDirector of Board

                  Mr. Zhang Chunsheng joined the company as a Board of Director on July 20, 2017. He graduated from Renmin University of China with a Master’s degree in economics. He is currently the Vice President of China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd. Prior to his current position, Mr. Zhang served as the Director of the Finance General Office、 Director of the Financial Policy Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Vice President of China Center for Information Industry Development.

                • Ren Kai Director of Board

                  Mr. Ren Kai joined the company as a Board of Director on April 21, 2016. He received his Master's degree in engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University. Mr. Ren has been serving as the Director of Board and Vice President of Sino IC Capital, and Director and Chairman of Board in related companies of China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd. Prior to this, he worked in management positions of the China Development Bank. Mr. Ren has been engaged in loan review programs and investment operations in the fields of equipment and electronics; he is familiar with industrial policies and has in-depth understanding in integrated circuit and related industries. Mr. Ren had gained extensive experience in investment management while he was working in the China Development Bank as he led the team to complete the review of hundreds of major projects with annual review commitments of over RMB100 billion and accumulative review commitments of over RMB30 billion for IC industry.

                • Zheng Li Director of Board

                  Mr. Zheng Li joined the company as Chief Executive Officer on September 9, 2019. He was appointed as a Director of the Board for JCET and certain subsidiaries of the Company on September 26, 2019. Mr. Zheng received his Master's degree in Financial Economic Management from the University of Tokyo. He has over 26 years of experience working in IC companies in the United States, Japan, Europe and China. Prior to his current position, Mr. Zheng served as Global Senior Vice President of NXP, President of NXP Greater China, CEO of Renesas Greater China. He also served as President of NEC Greater China, Vice President of Huahong International, General Manager of Shanghai Hong Ri and other senior management positions.

                • Luo HongweiDirector of Board

                  Mr. Luo Hongwei has been appointed as Executive Vice President of JCET on April 21, 2016. He became a Board of Director of the company and its certain subsidiaries since May 17, 2019. Mr. Luo Hongwei has been deeply involved in the industry of semiconductor integrated circuit packaging and testing for more than 30 years. He has been leading purchasing, sales, manufacturing, operation and other departments of the company for a long time, and has accumulated rich and hands-on experience in Chinese semiconductor packaging and testing industry.

                • Shi Ying Independent Director

                  Ms. Shi Ying joined the company on May 17, 2019 as an Independent Director. She holds an MBA degree. She serves as Secretary-General of China Semiconductor Industry Association Supporting Industry Branch, Secretary-General of Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovative Alliance, and a member of National New Materials Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee. In the past 15 years, she has been focusing on the technology innovation and industrial technology strategy in the field of microelectronic materials, and the full life cycle management of science and technology projects based on information network technology. Ms. Shi once presided over and participated in more than 10 national and provincial projects such as National Science and Technology Research, 863 Program, National Science and Technology Platform, National High-Tech Industrialization Demonstration Project, Beijing Science and Technology Special Program. She has also presided over and participated in nearly 10 research projects including scientific and technological development strategy research in the fields of integrated circuits, advanced packaging, semiconductor materials and national science and technology development planning research. She has presided over the design and completion of the project management networking platform based on the full life cycle and process control of the subject.

                • Li JianxinIndependent Director

                  Ms. Li Jianxin joined the company on May 17, 2019 as an Independent Director. She is currently the President of the Aerospace Branch of the China Association of Chief Accountants. Ms. Li served as Board Secretary and Deputy Chief Accountant of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Director of the Social Security Audit Department of the National Audit Office, and Director of the Press and Publications Bureau. She once served as a part-time professor and off-campus tutor at China University of Geosciences, Nanjing Audit University, and Capital University of Economics and Business. She was also a post-doctoral tutor of the Audit Research Institute of the Audit Commission.

                • Pan QingIndependent Director

                  Mr. Pan Qing joined the company on August 31, 2019 as an Independent Director. He graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He received his MBA and master of accounting from Northeastern University in Boston, USA. Mr. Pan is a licensed CPA in the United States, mainland China and Hong Kong. He also serves as CFO of Noah Holdings. Prior to this, he served as a senior audit partner of Deloitte.

                • 郑力首席执行长


                • 罗宏伟执行〒副总裁


                • 周涛首席财务长


                • LEE CHOON HEUNG(李春兴)首席技术长

                  2019年5月17日起出任本公司首席技术长。美国凯斯西储大学理论固体物理博士。在半导体领域拥有20多年的工作经验,曾任Amkor Technology首席技术官、全球制造业务执行副总裁和Amkor韩国总裁。李博士撰写有各种ω封装技术相关课题的研究论文,拥有韩□ 国专利38项,美国专利21项。

                • 穆浩平资金营运资深副总裁


                • 吴宏鲲董事会秘书

                  2019年5月17日起出任本公司董事会秘书。加拿大劳瑞尔大学(Wilfrid Laurier University)商业经济学硕士。曾任中芯国际集成电路制造有限公司董事长助理、投资者关系部助理总监,展讯通信有限公司商务经理等职务。他在半导体领域有近十五年的工作经验,对国内外资本市场与△投资者关系管理有深刻的了解和丰富的经验,曾在2018与2019年两度蝉联机构投资者评选的最佳投资者关系专业人士的亚洲前三名(硬件/半导体类)。