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                JCET Group is the world’s leading integrated-circuit manufacturing and technology services provider, offering a full range of turnkey services that include semiconductor package integration design and characterization, R&D, wafer probe, wafer bumping, package assembly, final test and drop shipment to vendors around the world. 

                Our comprehensive portfolio covers a wide spectrum of semiconductor applications such as mobile, communication, compute, consumer, automotive and industry etc., through advanced wafer level packaging, 2.5D/3D, System-in-Packaging, and reliable flip chip and wire bonding technologies. JCET Group has two R&D centers in China and Korea, six manufacturing locations in China, Korea and Singapore, and sales centers around the world, providing close technology collaboration and efficient supply-chain manufacturing to customers in China and around the world.



                Jiangyin Transistor Factory Established


                First Automated IC Assembly Line Started Production


                Company Restructured to JCET


                JCAP Established


                JCET Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange


                JCET D8 (Suqian) Established


                JCET D9 (Chuzhou) Established


                JCET Acquired STATS ChipPAC


                JCET Management Co., Ltd. Established