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                With the improvement of automobile intelligence and the advancement of battery technology, the proportion of semiconductor chips in the cost of automobile manufacturing has increased significantly. Mature and reliable semiconductor backend manufacturing solutions are crucial to the development of the automotive ecosystem. For the mainstream packaging options for in-vehicle MCUs, JCET provides cost-competitive QFN and BGA options with more than 100 billion units shipment. In addition, technologies such as flip-chip, system-in-package (SiP), fan-out wafer-level packaging, and DBC/DBA are all available. At present, the L/S of the mass-produced flip-chip can reach 10 microns, and the bump pitch is as small as 70 microns; the L/S of the automotive-grade mass-produced 1/2/3L RDL has reached 8 microns; the largest eWLB package product that has been verified by mass production reaches 12x12mm. 

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