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                Memory is one of the most common applications of integrated circuits, ranging from IoT server terminals to mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Semiconductor backend manufacturing is one of the key steps to ensure the performance and reliability of storage chips. JCET has nearly 20 years of experience in the mass production of memory chips, which can effectively control the yield of storage packages and help the rapid development of storage products. At present, JCET has extensive cooperation with major global storage IC suppliers, including NAND flash memory and DDR products in mass production. As the world’s leading semiconductor backend manufacturing service provider, JCET has mature technology and advanced equipment support in wafer grinding, packaging technology, cleanliness control, and testing process. Our test systems and capabilities can provide customers with a full set of test platforms and engineering services, including wafer bumping, wafer probe, final testing, post-testing, and system-level testing to help customers achieve optimal solutions at the lowest test cost.

                • Flash
                • DRAM
                • Hardware Security

                Our Advantages

                Experienced in Flash & DRAM Product

                Die-Stack Technology Leader

                Complete Silver WB Portfolio

                Serving Top 3 Memory OEMs

                Facilities in China & S. Korea

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