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                Green Manufacturing

                JCET factories are qualified to meet the standards of the ISO14001 environmental management system, QC080000 hazardous substances management system and Sony GP system certification with products and materials in full compliance with the EU ROHS directive, REACH and other relevant laws, regulations and customer environmental substances control requirements.

                • ISO14001

                • QC080000

                • Sony GP

                • REACH

                We have a strong focus on minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes on our surrounding environment. Our staff are committed to protect the environment and continue to strive to achieve green manufacturing and energy savings. Each year we allocate funds to improve our environmental protection facilities, implement environmental management and environmental monitoring projects and to ensure product compliance with the regular inspection and verification. JCET believes in preserving the beauty of our surrounding environment for future generations. 

                Environmental Protection
                • Waste Water Treatment

                  Company wastewater are mainly heavy metal wastewater and grinding wastewater. It is sorted, collected and treated by the sewage treatment station, then discharged when treated up-to-standard.

                • Waste Gas Treatment

                  Company waste gas is mainly acid waste gas. It is collected by an acid fog-clean tower, goes through an alkaline liquid spray treatment and is then discharged when treated up-to-standard.

                • Hazardous Wastes Management

                  According to environmental laws and regulations, company hazardous waste is entrusted to the qualified units to dispose harmlessly.

                • Safety and Health

                  Through correct design, engineering and management control, preventive maintenance and safety workflow, the company controls the potential safety risks that employees may encounter and provides appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and continuous safety training to protect the employees' safety and health.