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                JCET's appointed management representative establishes and maintains our social responsibility system. JCET communicates these requirements to our suppliers and subcontractors. We are committed to compliance with local labor and other regulatory requirements, RBA standards, and make continuous improvement in establishing, implementing and maintaining our system.

                Labor Protection
                • Protection for Underage Labor and Female Workers

                  Forbidden to use child labor, implement protection for underage workers and female workers.

                • Anti-Discrimination

                  Provide employees with equal opportunities for recruitment, promotion and compensation benefits, with any discrimination forbidden.

                • Freedom of Association / Negotiation

                  Promote labor-management cooperation. Respect the legal rights for workers to freedom of association and negotiation.

                • Working Hours

                  Working hours must be in compliance with laws and regulations, adhere to the principle of voluntary overtime, reasonable arrangement for production planning and provide workers with at least one day off per every seven days.


                • Wages and Benefits

                  Wages of workers should be in compliance with or exceed all applicable wage laws and regulations, such as minimum wage, overtime wage and legal benefits. Wage information will be communicated to workers by wage tips. Disciplinary wage deductions are forbidden.

                • Exercise Humane Treatment

                  Forbidden to cause harsh and inhumane treatment to employees, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, verbal abuse of workers; Respect must be shown for worker’s freedom, any forced labor or prison labor is forbidden.

                • Environmental Protection


                  Provide safe and healthy working conditions, living conditions and social welfare facilities, to ensure each worker’s health and safety.


                  Comply with local laws, regulations and environmental protection laws, doing our best to minimize impact on the environment while ensureing health and safety in production.

                • Ethics


                  Business Integrity • Fair Trading • Disclosure of Information • No Improper Advantage • Protection of Intellectual Property • No Conflict Materials